Wayan Palmieri

Director, Editor, Co-Founder

Wayan Palmieri, a post-production expert, specializes in editing, 3D- editing and VFX, among other things. Wayan is co-founder of Frame 12 and the back bone of company.

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Magali Widmer

Producer, Co-Founder

Magali Widmer has a background in many different art forms, including dance, theatre, martial arts, and 3D animation. Magali is co-founder of Frame 12 and driving force. 

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Miguel Angelo Pate

Producer, Director, Writer

Miguel Angelo Pate started making movies in his back yard and moved up to Hollywood. Miguel is a creative head at Frame 12 and pushes the boundaries of the company. 

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Photo Credits: Jalaludin Trautmann, Andrea Hansen, Emily Grunfeld